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As ever, it’s a combination of factors that lead to this latest post. Fake news of a cannibalistic attack in New York, Amazon secreting a zombie apocalypse clause in their terms and conditions plus the launch of Dying Light: The Following (see above). Factor in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as well and you can see that the undead are, once again, de rigueur.

Zombie narratives have always provided useful platforms for critiques of wider topics. For George A Romero is was an exploration of the nuclear apocalypse and capitalism. For director Burr Steers an attempt to ironically inject some life back into the writings of Jane Austin. However, their origin stories remain fairly generic. From the Umbrella Corporation of Resident Evil, to the ‘rage’ animal testing of 28 Days Later, unbridled scientific experimentation remains one narrative well-spring, with natural viral mutation being the other.

Some have tried to break out of these constraints, but David Mody’s Hater is probably the most significant twist of recent years. For him, the trigger is inherent and genetic – a sudden shift in perception that the population of the Earth is actually divided into two strands (haters versus the hated). Within this he makes reference back to the genetic division between Neanderthals and Homo-sapiens, although increasing evidence shows that we’re probably a combination of species. It still makes for a limited level of invention, compounded by the fact that both World War Z and Zombiland will receive sequels in the near future.

It’s also over a decade now since Alex Garland and Danny Boyle introduced speed and agility to the zombie hordes. Surely there’s room for something fresh here, before the popularity of this sub-genre rots away.

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