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Tomorrow’s World returning to our lives, albeit as a podcast, is a good thing.

The original show ran from 1965 until 1999, promoting a popularist approach to technology that kept audiences tuning in every Thursday night – partly to see the live demonstrations impressively fail, but also to get a sense of what the future held for the average UK citizen. The mobile phone received its first public airing, CD players were shown off, as were early home computers and games consoles – wonderfully demonstrated by ex WW2 spitfire ace Raymond Baxter. To a young and impressionable Sci-Fi fan, the show held the power to present difficult realities in a pragmatic, down-to-earth manner. You couldn’t help confront you own mortality when faced with the technological revolution of carbon fibre replacement heart valves. However, any existential angst was off-set by the presenters’ air that, despite setbacks, science really was the best tool with which to shape our future.

Lampooned by alternative comedians for its cheesy presentation, the show did dip and dive into the realms of ‘cool’. The programme’s 1980s theme tune, by Richard Denton and Martin Cook, was a great piece of electronica that has stood the test of time. Let’s also not forget the show’s regular showcase of electronic keyboards, including an early recording of German electro pioneers, Kraftwerk, playing live. There was also some cross-pollination between this show, and the altogether more challenging work of one of its early presenters James Burke. His shows on the nature of reality were mind-bending stuff.

Now, in the very capable hands of Brit Wray and Ellie Cosgrave, Tomorrow’s World is back as a multi-layered piece of audio excellence. Shows are coming in around an hour in duration, with topics such as the well-spring of scientific ideas, floating cities and artificial intelligence all receiving in-depth consideration. If you haven’t already had a chance to sample their informative and yet playful approach, head over to the show’s home page and get involved!

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