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Hugh Hefner remains a divisive figure his support of Sci-Fi is still worthy of note. Since its first publication in 1953, Playboy has hosted a plethora of outstanding writers, elevating the magazine above other ‘one-handed’ literature and even challenging the boundaries of accepted sexual conventions.

Ray Bradbury’s famous Fahrenheit 451 received its first airing among Playboy’s pages, as did the work of Philip K Dick and Ursula K Le Guin – her story Nine Lives winning the Nebular award in 1969. But it was Charles Beaumanot’s ‘A Crooked Man’ (1955) – a futuristic tale in which everyone is gay and heterosexuality is outlawed – that shocked the conservative audience of its time.

Support for the genre went beyond the magazine as well, with Hefner funding Playboy’s own Sci-Fi imprint which predominantly compiled the stories from the magazine into a series of anthologies. He also courted genre TV series stars (Nichelle Nichols famously trading her usual Star Trek footwear for some thigh-high leather boots) plus his legacy of the erotic ‘centrefold’ has been become a staple pastiche (pun intended) of countless Sci-Fi shows.

The darker side of pornography – the degradation of women, the ‘violent’ segmentation of their bodies through image cropping – was something Hefner couldn’t escape and, sadly, Sci-Fi played a part in this too. Dorothy Stratten was one of Hefner’s ‘bunnies’, who rose through the ranks to become Playmate of the Year by 1980. Her fame led to her starring in a Sci-Fi spoof called Galaxina (1980) and while a career in Hollywood beckoned, it drove a wedge between her and her increasingly jealous husband. She was just 20-years-old when she was murdered by him as a result of an affair she was having with film director Peter Bogdanovich – who subsequently documented her short life and career in Killing of the Unicorn (1985).

While Hefner’s personal love for Weird Tales probably acted as the spur to bring speculative writers to a mainstream audience, there’s no escaping the fact that for every one who benefited from his patronage, there were also others that found his attention detrimental.

He was 91 when he died on the 27th of September.

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