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The idea of parallel universes has been around in science fiction for a long time, but the adaptation of that into the ever useful concept of the ‘multiverse’ can probably be traced back to DC comics introduction of ‘Earth 2′ in the 1960s.

Around the same time Michael Moorcock was scattering seeds of crossover characters and locations throughout all of his Eternal Champion series. A useful literary tool, it also allowed the author to satirise current pop icons and political figures with impunity – something picked up later by Pat Mills with his Nemesis the Warlock series and Alan Moore and his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

UK writer and actor Ben Moor is among the more recent proponents of the idea with his radio series ‘Undone’ – series three currently being aired on BBC Radio 4 Extra. As with Moorcock, and the creative talent that came out of the 2000AD comics, there’s a thick vein of tongue-in-cheek humour running through the multiple versions of London that a reluctant Edna Turner is charged with protecting. Plus, if you like Douglas Adams, you find a similar level of hilarity and pathos underpinning the inter-dimensional action.

Stephen Baxter also draws upon a similar notion of multiple universes, calling his particular amalgamation the Manifold. If you have the time and inclination, Moon Six is a great short piece of fiction by him, and a great launch point for the concept.

Talk of Baxter and his inclination towards the more scientific end of the Sci-Fi spectrum, leads nicely to the fact that the quantum theory of the multiverse has been around since the 1950s.

Perhaps then there’s consolation to be had that there’s a universe running almost parallel to ours where Brexit and Trump didn’t happen, and perhaps we were lucky enough to have a sneak peek at what might have been.

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