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It’s always heartening to know that, whenever the Sci-Fi news feeds get bloated, literature is there to fall back upon. The past few weeks have been no exception as the true well-spring of inventive and left-field thought continues to push its way through an ersatz covering of fan merchandise and TV series updates.

First up is the welcome news from Forbes that sales of Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature have doubled since 2010. Rallying after a dip in 2009, purchases are at a renewed high water mark – although almost 50% of these novels are digital and self-published. Still, evidence enough that the pulp genre pulse is stronger than ever.

Within the ongoing struggle for the promotion of diversity, we have Google celebrating the brief but impactful life of Octavia Butler via a home page doodle. Plus, one of the lead creators of the Expanse book saga discussing his thoughts after the alt-right political schism in his homeland. (There’s also great news within this interview with Daniel Abraham about the rescue and continuation of the TV adaptation by Netflix!)

Elsewhere, the UK’s Financial Times bemoans the genre’s ongoing lack of diverse voices within its authorship – while celebrating the works of Marlone Jones and Tomi Adeyemi among others. However, the wider Afro Futurism movement continues to generate fresh and intriguing perspectives. Take Neuro Speculative Afro Feminism as a perfect example. Created as a Sci-Fi multimedia hair salon by a female, New York foursome, it’s actually a collective response to the deaths that triggered the Black Lives Matter protests in North America.

Look further east to the increasing influence of Chinese authors – something we’ve reported on previously here on Drozbot – and you’ll find genre diversity going from strength-to-strength. A cursory search of ‘must read’ listicles returns at least one or two works by Asian authors – Yoon Ha Lee and Ken Liu both being touted as noteworthy.

Ultimately though, the reality of long form is that it takes dedicated time to experience. Where once you could cover pretty much everything within the genre, our busy lives now mean we can only focus on small windows into these amazing worlds. Hopefully Drozbot will continue to act as a gatekeeper and filtration system, ensuring the very best use of your precious time.

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