Richard Matheson is to update The Incredible Shrinking Man for a modern audience penning, in his own words, “an existential action movie”. High hopes already thanks to a bibliography containing the original book (1956), screenplay (1957) and, let’s not forget, his masterful reworking of the vampire myth in 1954. The question remains how the author hopes to get over the inability to alter the size of human proteins or the oxygen molecules the protagonist will inevitably have to breathe. Over the years science fiction has come up with a host of possible solutions, from condensing the orbits of electrons to creating miniature robotic avatars controlled by conventional sized operators. But, plausibility aside, my personal heroes of inner space have to be the 1974 Micronauts toys from Takara and subsequent Marvel comic book series. Despite an abortive reboot in 2004, the series remains locked somewhere at a quantum level.

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