UFO Interceptor

So at least we’re not all living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. However we are – with the death of Gerry Anderson on the 26th December – looking out on an impoverished SF vista. His work, especially as far as vehicle design was concerned, has always tugged at my heart strings. Just look at the simplicity of the UFO Interceptor above. Nuke/pilot/engine. Job done.

Continuing the general retrospective for the close of the year, there’s also a nice feature over on io9 highlighting the predictions that genre titles have had about the approaching 12 months. Perhaps Jack London’s Red Plague will still give the survivors a chance to savour an ice cold Nuka Cola – once they’ve vanquished all the mutants, of course.

And finally, Den of Geek pulls together a selection of filmic science fiction that we can potentially look forward to. Most have been mentioned somewhere on Drozbot before, but there is a new entry with Gravity which, to be honest, sounds like an extended opening sequence from Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination.

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