So the reviews are coming in and fears that Simon Pegg might have made Star Trek Beyond the fourth film in his Cornetto trilogy are dissipating. It looks like we’re in for another gripping ride into the final frontier. From a wider perspective though, it feels like a franchise reemerging from a difficult time.

The aftershocks within the nerdcore regarding Leonard Nimoy’s death are still being felt. Thankfully, the tributes are finally coming to fruition, with the documentary For The Love of Spock about to be released. There’s no way such a dedication, even one made by his son Adam, can fill the void left by such a Sci-Fi icon, but there’ll no doubt be solace found for the fans in its screening. The death, however, of our new Pavel Chekov is a totally different and freakishly sad affair ensuring Anton Yelchin’s swan song will leave a bitter/sweet taste with all who watch.

Moving from the tragically sublime to the ephemeral, but sticking with tribute as a theme, a group of artists have celebrated 50 years of Star Trek by creating 50 works of art. It’s a mixed bag of interpretations, but there are some gems hidden away in there.

The more positive news continues with the announcement back in May of an all new TV series coming at the start of 2017. Meanwhile the cross-over between science and fiction keeps up its momentum in this anniversary year, with the International Space Station releasing their own promotional video.

Love it or hate it, any 50 year creative franchise deserves acknowledgement, and the examples above prove that its ethics, of being better and going further, still have the power to motivate audiences around the world.

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