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It’s the end of an era as the final bastion of UK analogue TV gets switched off in Northern Ireland. As a result Ceefax, and its primitive version of an ‘on-demand’ data service, will cease to exist. It’s a nostalgic day for anyone who, like myself, used the pages to follow daily tech/science news in the neo-dark ages pre internet. That said, it does raise an interesting question about how we archive or simulate dying virtual techs as they become outmoded. Tim Cross, in the New Scientist, highlights that screen snow will also be consigned to the collective realms of memory beyond this point. Perhaps dead channel static and Ceefax can become Dyskeuomorphs – replications or representations of redundant technology (best exemplified in the simulated mechanical judders sometimes added to virtual clocks).

While clearing out my favourites bar, I can across a link to filmic audio warriors Fall on Your Sword. It’s been a while since I checked their site out, but after laughing at Back to the Ship and the trailer for Black Star Warrior I remembered their excellent soundtrack to David Kaplan’s Play. It’s one of the stronger episodes of the Futurestates series which can still be found in its entirety here.