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I’m still concerned that the best thing about Tron – aside from its central enduringly cool premise – is Daft Punk’s excellent soundtrack to the recent film. While Evolution was visually stunning and had a pre-launch awareness campaign precision targeted to the hearts of the nerdcore, it still, ultimately, lacked standout. Tron: Uprising arrives now on Disney XD tempering my worries slightly thanks to the animators being obviously influenced by the style of Peter Chung (Aeon Flux, Animatrix et al). The trailer above does show promise, as does the show’s impressive selection of voice talent so maybe it can finally live up to its cyberpunk potential.

Synchronicity is always something worth noting, especially when related to an earlier post here on Drozbot. In this instance it’s writer Robert Graves suddenly cropping up in multiple locations. Like myself, you’ll probably know him best for ‘I Claudius’ – and the influential BBC dramatization starring Derek Jacobi that first aired in the 1970s. The unbidden crossover emerged from my reading a copy of ‘The Greek Myths’ while also stumbling across an entry on him in my recently acquired Visual Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. In oracular mode, it seems he penned a piece of utopian SF in the guise of Seven Days in New Crete. The striking illustration above, comes from a Wiki page on Graves and is created by artist/archaeologist Jeroen van Valkenburg.