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There’s an increasing trend of pushing emotive opening trailers for games at the moment – Dead Island being one of those rare instances where the game actually managed to half live up to the initial filmic hype. Reset has a much more subdued approach, but one that’s still told strongly and well in just two and a bit minutes. It’s brief, yes, but definitely leaves you wanting to know more.

Arthur C Clarke recently featured on Prophets of Science Fiction, currently airing on Quest TV in a Sunday evening slot. Pleasantly informative it was too, with lots of interesting anecdotal details provided by fellow scribblers and collaborators. It was seeing this that reminded me of a free short story site I’ve been frequenting for quite some time now. While not great to look at initially, the tales gathered on Free Speculative Fiction do translate well to any mobile device making it perfect to catch up on any side-lined gems. It was here I encountered Clarke’s Rescure Party for the first time. I’m still amazed at how fresh and engaging this piece is some 66 years after its initial publication.