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After blowing up some completely random balloon animals for my son’s birthday,
I stumbled across the work of Jason Hackenwerth. His current speciality? Inflatable alien/sub-aquatic/micro organisms photographed to enhance their other-worldliness.

The xenomorphic creation “Cyclops”, shown above, is just one example of what can be achieved by tying hundreds of regular party balloons together. You can find more images like this over on his official site.

It’s not just the characteristic British weather that’s cast several clouds across a bleak opening to June. The death of Ray Bradbury last week adds yet another depression to an already beleaguered local climate.

However, rather than engage with Margaret Atwood’s weak eulogy for this seminal voice of the golden age of ‘science fiction’ in The Guardian, perhaps I might suggest a more tangible homage. I recently purchased The Martian Chronicles audio book, narrated by Scott Brick, and it was a revelation. Hearing Bradbury’s words, listening to the cadence, the rhythm, the waves of effortless imagery… All the testament anyone will ever need to his consummate skill as a wordsmith. Hopefully his death will lead to a swift rescheduling of the equally excellent Bradbury 13 on Radio 4 Extra. As far as Drozbot is concerned, his mechanisms will undoubtedly defy time.