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When The Chap recently launched a protest against the proposed invasion of Savile Row by “Hoodie Snatchers” – AKA Abercrombie & Fitch – the planets finally aligned for this post. Simply put, tweed has its own unique power in getting a point across – especially when defending against US fashion giants with pro-beautiful HR policies. Enter, Sir , You Are Being Hunted from the mind of Jim Rossignol who encapsulates the game’s anachronistic setting and theme under the catchy concept of “Tweed Punk”. (Something the editors of The Chap couldn’t help but empathise with, I’m sure.) The game’s opening artwork is incredibly evocative, and reminiscent of Doug Chang’s Robota – one can only wonder about what collaborator Orson Scott Card might make of A&F’s latest promotional campaign.

It was sad and yet fitting that I should belatedly pick up on the death of Jean Giraud via the pages of Imagine FX. Today, as that excellent magazine stands testament too, we’re inundated with images of the strange and fantastical. But, back with the advent of Heavy Metal in 1975, the imaginative landscape was formative and sparse. Stumbling upon Major Gruber was an epiphany  – I still think pith helmets are cool  – and my introduction to Giraud’s work sits in a mental shrine somewhere between the best of 2000AD and the cover art of Chris Foss (who he worked with on Jodorowsky’s stillborn Dune). The near silent adventures in Arzach are probably the closest any of us will ever get to the ecstasy Giraud experienced while creating these marvellous worlds. In this, and his prolific legacy of images, he will no doubt live on.