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Good friends, Cat and Dawbs, saw the illustrations of Kevin Tong and thought of me – how exceptionally kind. Tong’s work is instantly striking, inherently cool and full of evidence that he’s cut his sci-fi teeth re-imagining some of the classics. It was tricky choosing which image to place here but the cover for Huxley’s Brave New World wins out – Soma and the City. Ultimately, wandering through Tong’s work is like a gallery viewing of so many worthy influences. But don’t just take my word for it, pick up a drink and a canapé and take the tour yourself –

The New Scientist has launched an original sci-fi related supplement called Arc – Despite the fiddly download of the Zinio reader, the mag itself is a stimulating science/science fiction combo with names like M John Harrison, Alastair Reynolds and Bruce Sterling all providing literary weight to the speculative musings. Definitely one to consider if you find yourself reading around the minutiae of ‘cult’ US TV series in search of something with a bit more depth.